We Need Supplies !

1,500 classrooms are waiting in 48 states. Please pick a state, click on the teacher's wish-lists and you will find how easy it is to give. You can just send a couple of items, which you like the students to have.You may send as many or as few as you wish.

We are not a "crowdfunding" site. We are not accepting donations or raising money.


Once you decided to give to a certain classroom, all you have to do is : click on "MY SUPPLY WISHLIST FALL 2019",

choose the item / items (from the wishlist) which you would like the students to have, Then login to your amazon account

and go to your shopping cart. The teacher's address should show up there, at the top, as a delivery address.

IN CASE IT DOES NOT SHOW UP: copy the address (including teacher's name, room number) of the classroom

from the listing on Classroomgiving.org . Then add (paste) the address of the classroom, as one of your addresses on Amazon.

("your account" - "ordering and shopping preferences" - "your addresses")

THEN "proceed to checkout" - "shipping address". - "change".