Reynosa, Mexico

Felicia Rangel-Samponaro

The Sidewalk School (Reynosa, Mexico)

2100 W San Marcelo Blvd, #127

Brownsville, TX 78526



Classroom Giving has listed our first classroom in Mexico.The founder of Classroom Giving traveled to Mexico to visit the schooland tent-city in Reynosa. We cannot disclose where, in Reynosa, the school is located since it also provides safety for the students and families.
The-Sidewalk-School is an American NGO, out of Texas, that operates in México. This non-profit started inside of the Matamoros Encampment in 2019. Since then it has expanded to 9 cities across Mexico, providing education for Children Asylum Seekers, who are stuck in México while awaiting their U.S. immigration-trials or their chance to claim U.S. asylum.
Very few Americans are aware of the Reynosa Encampment. Therefore, The founders and teachers at The-Sidewalk-School have bought classroom-supplies out-of-pocket since day one and are operating with no budget.
The-Sidewalk-School will continue bringing education to children who would otherwise not receive one, as they wait in México.
Classroom Giving will continue to support students, who are trying to learn.