Reynosa, Mexico

The Sidewalk School 

(for Reynosa, Mexico)

 52 Los Mesquite Ln 

Brownsville,    TX    78520 



Classroom Giving has listed our first classroom in Mexico.The founder of Classroom Giving traveled to Mexico to visit the schooland tent-city in Reynosa.  We cannot disclose where, in Reynosa, the school is located since it also provides safety for the students and families.
The-Sidewalk-School is an American NGO, out of Texas, that operates in México. This non-profit started inside of the Matamoros Encampment in 2019. Since then it has expanded to 9 cities across Mexico, providing education for Children Asylum Seekers, who are stuck in México while awaiting their U.S. immigration-trials or their chance to claim U.S. asylum.
 Very few Americans are aware of the Reynosa Encampment. Therefore, The founders and teachers at The-Sidewalk-School have bought classroom-supplies out-of-pocket since day one and are operating with no budget.
 The-Sidewalk-School will continue bringing education to children who would otherwise not receive one, as they wait in México.
Classroom Giving will continue to support students, who are trying to learn.