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Ms. Audriuna Gordon

4th Grade - Rm 404

Short Elementary

2000 California Lane

Arlington, TX 76015

(682) 867-5850


Since we launched (2019), many thousands of teachers in The U.S. have replaced crowdfunding with The Amazon Wishlist Link. That simple, powerful tool, is now used by teachers, on social media, as the primary way to receive classroom-supplies from the public. Teachers and students are calling on Amazon to integrate into its platform, in such a way where, an Amazon customer, who's home address is near a (listed and vetted) classroom in need, would receive an alert, after placing his/her order, informing them of an item, on that classroom's wishlist, which, the students need. is a registry of 2,000 classrooms, in need of school supplies. The tool we use is the Amazon wishlist link. All classrooms are fully-vetted and listed forever. We are not a crowdfunding site. The supplies, are bought by generous individuals DIRECTLY for the classrooms, and therefore ARE considered tax-deductible. See IRS directive here. If you are a classroom teacher, please click here . is looking forward to sharing its database with Amazon for free. is looking forward to vetting classrooms, who have already created wishlists on Amazon. Let us bring the need of classrooms to the attention of millions of Amazon customers.
Here are some of the items that teachers and students need daily: • paper. • crayons • markers. • hand- sanitizer. • Wipes • Snacks • folders • Erasers • Composition notebooks • and reading books. You can buy these items on Amazon, right off the wishlist, created by the teacher. To purchase items, see our “We Need Supplies” page
Classroom Giving Inc. (TM)""P O Box 982 New York, NY 10024
ClassroomGiving will encourage and remind teachers, to arrange for student-feedback. These thank-you notes, and thank-you posters, sent to the givers, by local students, will help spread a spirit of giving. Having to write these thank-you notes, will remind the students that there is a lot of generosity and positivity among us, and that there is value in giving.

Ben Adam, Founder of

Classroom Giving Inc.