Ms. Vanessa Orlick

6th Grade - Rm 431

PS/IS 226 - Alfred De B. Mason

6006 23rd Avenue

Brooklyn, N.Y. 11204

718 234 - 4940 x 4171

MY SUPPLY WISHLIST FALL 2020 is a registry of 1,800 classrooms, in need of school supplies. The tool we use is the Amazon wishlist link. All classrooms are fully-vetted and listed forever. We are not a crowdfunding site, nor are we a 501 C-3 non-profit organization. We raise no money and solicite no donation. The supplies, are bought by generous individuals DIRECTLY for the classrooms, and therefore ARE considered tax-deductible. See IRS directive here. "", started, when a public-school teacher, in Arizona posted her pay-stub online and it went viral. It is hard enough for anyone to survive on $35,000 a year, but Ms Milich has to purchase school-supplies and snacks for her second-grade students out of pocket. "", is connecting classrooms, in need of supplies, with generous individuals (and companies) who are willing to help. If you are a classroom teacher, please click here .
Many school-teachers need supplies for their classrooms, which school districts do not provide. Since some students cannot afford to purchase such supplies, teachers pay for the supplies they need, out of their own pockets. As teachers are often poorly paid, many, must choose between buying products for their classrooms—or for their own households. Teachers and their classrooms need supplies on an ongoing basis, regardless of school projects or the generosity of relatives and friends. here are some of the items that teachers and students need daily: • paper. • crayons • markers. • hand- sanitizer. • Wipes • Snacks • folders • Erasers • Composition notebooks • and reading books. You can buy these items on Amazon, right off the wishlist, created by the teacher. To purchase items, see our We Need Supplies” page
ClassroomGiving will organize, encourage and remind teachers, to arrange for student-feedback. These thank-you notes, and thank-you posters, sent to the givers, by local students, will help spread a spirit of giving. Having to write these thank-you notes, will remind the students that there is a lot of generosity and positivity among us, and that there is value in giving.
Ben Adam(ALL MAN CORP)Classroom Giving (TM)""P O Box 982 New York, NY 10024
Since we launched, many teachers started to supplement the use of a classroom-project, posted on a website, with the tool of The Amazon Wishlist Link on social media. Posting that link, Tweeting it and spreading the word without restrictions of budget and deadline. It is time for, to make ClassroomGiving into a feature on their platform, so that any Amazon customer, who wishes to help a classroom, and who is 5-10 miles away from such classroom, (which is registered and vetted), will get an alert, after placing an order, with Amazon, about an item (under $20) which is listed on a teacher's wishlist nearby.
Anyone can help, without any long-term commitment. Each item, which the classroom needs, is listed separately, and can be purchased individually online and shipped to the classroom directly. Once the item is sent to the teacher, it comes off the list, just like on a wedding-registry. The giver will be notified when the item arrives at the classroom and who signed for it.