Dear Teacher

We are looking forward to listing your classroom on "".

This is not a FILL-IN form, so please eMail me the following:

Teacher's full name. (As it appears on school website)

Grade. ( do not add "Special Education", "STEM", "Title 1" or the subject you teach)

Room number (for the classroom the supplies are going to).

Name of the school. (You may leave out the word "School")

Full shipping address to your school building (no P. O. Box ) (abbreviate name of your state)

*** see special COVID-19 disclaimer below.

phone number of the school main office. (no personal cell numbers)

Teacher's school eMail address. (no personal eMail addresses please)


a link to your school's web-page which lists your name in the faculty/staff directory

or anywhere on the school site or school-district site

(Not a link to the home-page. A link to the page displaying your name)


Then, please create a (PUBLICLY-VISIBLE) wish-list on and send me the link to the wishlist.

Below are the instructions for making a public wishlist on Amazon ("Public" = can be viewed without login) :



*** You may choose to list your home address, in your Amazon wishlist, due to COVID_19 closure of your school-building.

If you did so, please add a statement, stating that you will change that (Amazon wishlist) shipping address BACK to the school-building address once the building is open, even before class resumes. (to keep those donations tax-deductible)





Ms Susan Parker

2nd Grade - Rm 209

Abraham Lincoln Elementary

4321 N. Main Street

Pleasantville, PA. 90210

(406) 555 1212

I also need:

1 - A short statement, from the teacher informing me that she / he have been buying school-supplies and / or snacks out-of-pocket.

2 - Please, also state that your wishlist on has a delivery-address which is your classroom and not your home,

even during summer break. (see COVID-19 exception above)

3 - Please state that your wishlist does not include any items which may be hazardous or harmful to minors in any way.


48 hours after submitting your request: Please check the site to confirm that your listing is live, that your

classroom's info is correct and that the link, to your Amazon wishlsit, works!


This is not required. If you wish to make it easier for ClassroomGiving to promote your classroom's listing on social media, you can send me your Twitter handle and your facebook name.

A FEW TIPS ON USING AMAZON WISHLISTS (just tips, not requirements) :

  • At the top of the list, put items like: Paper, Pencils, Markers, Reading books, Hand-Sanitizer, Snacks, Crayons. Items which have been bought off the list, disappear from the list.

  • Your Amazon wishlist may expire for lack of activity and you may have to re-create it in the future.

  • Your listing will never expire, there is no need to renew it. If you have a new Amazon wishlist, just send me the new link (

  • Once you receive supplies, you may choose to thank the generous givers. Track them down in your Amazon wishlist, which lists those who viewed your list, or by reading the gift-card. They should be listed to the left of it. Some choose to remain private. You can also, send Thank-You notes using the scan-codes.

  • Do not make your wishlist too long: 25 items tops. Once you received a few items, you can add more.

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